Skin Of Evil (TNG S1 E23)

Published on: 20th February, 2024

Skin Of Evil (Star Trek: The Next Generation, S1 E23) was recommended by Mark Nixon, who said:

This was one of my earliest experiences of horror and ultimately proved formative in the developments of my tastes and values as a storyteller. At that age I saw Riker as the coolest, bravest guy I had ever seen, and to see him being helplessly dragged by some invisible force while screaming for help? Chilling stuff indeed.

Plus Picard gets to *really* Picard, in a season that gave their captain less opportunities to be the hero in a way that Kirk did.

Skin Of Evil first aired on April 25, 1988, written by story by Joseph Stefano, teleplay by Joseph Stefano & Hannah Louise Shearer, and directed by Joseph L. Scanlan

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