Sub Rosa (TNG S7 E14)

Published on: 14th November, 2023

Recommended by Leah, who says:

"There is some suspension of disbelief like with most episodes of this show, but I dont understand why this got so much hate! I always wanted better episodes for Beverly and Troi than their usual ‘hot alien boyfriend of the week’, and this one feels different.

It’s not great, but it is far weirder and more fun than it has any right being!

Mixing a pervy sex ghost with a story about grief clouding your judgement and making you vulnerable to those who want to take advantage of you worked quite well for me, even if it became very silly towards the end.

It deserves its place as a meme, but it is too interesting to be rated as low as it is! "

Sub Rosa first aired on January 31, 1994, story by Jeri Taylor, teleplay by Brannon Braga, and directed by Jonathan Frakes

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