Starship Mine (TNG S6 E18)

Published on: 25th June, 2024

Starship Mine (Star Trek: The Next Generation, S6 E18) was recommended by Royce Day (pronouced like Rolls Royce) he/him, who said: While this episode is safely in the "filler" category, lacking any connection to past episodes and never being mentioned again in the series, I'm fond of it because it's just FUN. It makes no bones (or McCoys) about being straight up "What if Die Hard, but on a Starship?" with Picard alone and rapidly losing his uniform tunic to crawl around in the Jefferies tubes and take on a bunch of terrorists/thieves by himself. Also unless I'm mistaken, this is the most running and punching he does in the series until the First Contact film.

Side Note: My second favorite "Die Hard on an X" story is the made for video film "Interceptor" which is set on a C5 Galaxy aircraft, and improbably stars Jurgon Prochnow as the requisite german terrorist out to steal a VR equipped F-117.

Starship Mine first aired on March 29, 1993, written by Morgan Gendel, and directed by Cliff Bole

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