Stardust City Rag (PIC S1 E05)

Published on: 26th March, 2024

Stardust City Rag (Star Trek: Picard, S1 E05) was recommended by Khaki (he/him), who said: After an off-putting opening scene, the episode unfolds into something we get far too little of in Star Trek: a costumed caper! The stakes are high, the emotions are profound and the hats, oh god, the hats!

Lauren Rivers she/her, An obsessive Star Trek nerd from Texas., recommended PIC 105 Stardust City Rag, saying:

"This episode was just so much fun. Not only did we get to see Picard really ham it up in his undercover disguise, but we got to see Seven of Nine proper for the first time since Voyager ended. It was so exciting to see these characters on screen together, and that alone was just so exciting. "

Stardust City Rag first aired on February 20, 2020, written by Kirsten Beyer, and directed by Jonathan Frakes

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