A Matter Of Honor (TNG S2 E08)

Published on: 21st May, 2024

A Matter Of Honor (Star Trek: The Next Generation, S2 E08) was recommended by Rugger (They/Them), who said: I watched A Matter of Honor when I was 13, and had black and white views of good and bad. The Klingons are first presented as repulsive and bad, with excessive violence and moving gagh. But the Klingon aggressive nature saves the day; Riker sees the virtue of its flexible culture. If Picard ever made a mistake like the Captain Kargan, the Enterprise crew would follow him to their death (as they almost do in First Contact, until Lily talks him down).

Diversity is good because nothing is good in every circumstance—we need different skillsets at different times.

Crimson (he/him), I hope you guys have some fun with this episode. I certainly had fun rewatching it., recommended TNG 208 A Matter Of Honor, saying:

"S2 TNG: Collarless-uniforms but Riker's Beard! Here we start to get a proper look at Klingons with some real complexity and individuality. Also we get a proper look at a whole lot of Klingon food. It's a great episode to show off Riker's character, as clever, brave, funny, with good humor, and a real willingness to jump in and just do things, the moreso as a personal challenge. We also get a B plot w/ Awkward Benzite Ensign, who is absolutely a type of person I have met many times. It's a great fun episode of cultural exchange in a few directions, all in all a favorite. Especially Riker's response to a nominal proposition (and his harried look afterwards). Also apparently the first appearance of blood wine!"

A Matter Of Honor first aired on February 6, 1989, written by story by Wanda M. Haight & Gregory Amos & Burton Armus, teleplay by Burton Armus, and directed by Rob Bowman

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