Family Business (DS9 S3 E23)

Published on: 14th November, 2023

Recommended by Rugger::

"I think a problem with a lot of sci-fi is their propensity to one-note species. And Trek is often no exception: The Klingon and honourable and violent, the Vulcans are logical, the Ferengi are profit-obsessed and misogynistic—and then we meet Ishka.

This episode is funny, but also manages to really develop and complicate the characters of Quark and Rom while keeping the flavour of Ferengi culture. Ishka criticises Ferengi society, but she is still fully Ferengi, not a stand-in for "humans are the best."

Family Business first aired on May 15, 1995, written by Ira Steven Behr & Robert Hewitt Wolfe, and directed by René Auberjonois

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