Bar Association (DS9 S4 E16)

Published on: 23rd April, 2024

Bar Association (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, S4 E16) was recommended by Crimson, He/Him, who said: It's the Union Episode, what's _not_ to love about it? Is it Grand Epic Dominion War stuff? No! Is it Far Beyond the Stars? No! But is it still infuriatingly relevant, just like listening to an old Jim Crose or Woody Guthrie song? Absolutely! Does it also feature O'Brien hamming it up about all his unionmen ancestors who died horrible deaths at the hands of cruel bosses, a fact about which he's quite proud, as any good Irishman would be? Absolutely! (Now, is this the correct way to go about forming a union? Absolutely not! They jumped way in the deep end w/out setting up support correctly, but...oh well. Oh well! Such is Rom.) This is a great episode with basically no room at all for a B-Plot, which I think is just fine. Welcome to the Industrial Workers of the Worlds, Fellow Workers!

Bar Association first aired on February 19, 1996, written by story by Barbara J. Lee & Jenifer A. Lee, teleplay by Robert Hewitt Wolfe & Ira Steven Behr, and directed by LeVar Burton

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